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Welcome to Mowtec, the premier supplier of O-Rings, Gaskets and other sealing solutions to the aerospace industry. Mowtec provides a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of sealing products to the commercial airline, OEM and MRO markets all over the world. Our success lies in our flexibility and willingness to understand and respond to our customers needs in a time-critical manner. We invite you to explore further and let us show you what we can do for your company.

What we offer

Mowtec has established itself as one of the foremost niche suppliers to the aviation industry and beyond.


It’s strange to think that such a simple thing can be so critical to your operation. Here at Mowtec we treat every O-Ring we produce with the respect and attention it deserves, and in doing so ensure that we produce quality parts to keep your aircraft on the move.

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Mowtec have produced Gaskets and similar sealing solutions for decades, providing quick and cost effective sealing solutions for the aerospace industry’s key OEMs and commercial operators.

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We produce a wide range of application critical custom seals for a variety of market sectors. From fuel injection devices to intricate hydraulic and pneumatic valves, our seals help ensure the highest performance levels demanded by our customers.

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Mowtec work in close collaboration with a global portfolio of customers to bond rubber to a variety of metal components. Our metal bonded products are held to the same stringent quality standards as our standard sealing solutions, and as always are 100 per cent hand finished.

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Founded in Aerospace...but the skys the limit.

Mowtec has established itself as one of the foremost niche suppliers to the aviation industry and beyond.


Our aerospace sealing solutions range across fleets, from single-aisle Legacy platforms to wide-body New Generation class leaders. With flexible lead times and AOG response our team can keep your aircraft off the tarmac and in the sky.


Over or under water, our sealing solutions are a key cog to get you from port to port, and our expedite service will make sure you’re not left high and dry.


Whether it’s creasing, perforating, cutting or folding, our O-Rings can ensure a crisp finish…whatever the job. Get in touch today to discuss our capabilities, and how we can add to your project.


Utilising state of the art LSR and Silicone injection moulding, our sister company Clinical Polymer Technologies (CPT) manufactures a range of niche components from simple mouldings through to bespoke assemblies made to precise individual customer specifications in dedicated clean rooms.

Custom Designs

Our team can manufacture sealing solutions to your specification and material preference. We can provide samples on request so please do get in touch to discuss your project. Mowtec have a history of providing applications for SCUBA diving, the building and automotive industries.

A little more about us

Learn more about our company history, and meet the team.


From the beginning...

Mowtec was founded in 1987 in cooperation with Eaton Aerospace to meet the demands of Eaton’s JIT requirements for O-Rings, Seals and Gaskets.

..to now

With over 35 years and 3,000,000+ rings produced Mowtec has grown to become a key strategic supplier for many of the Aerospace industy’s largest OEM’s.

Quality Solutions

With 100 per cent by-hand inspection across the board we ensure that all our products are ready to perform, whatever the situation.

Flexible to your needs

With quick lead times and flexible order quantities, Mowtec is the customer-focused supplier you’ve been looking for.

Our Story

Mowtec Elastomeric Components Limited is a leading manufacturer of O-Rings, Gaskets and custom sealing solutions. With a particular focus on the aerospace industry, we provide operationally critical sealing applications to operators and OEMs worldwide. Our products are installed across Legacy and New Generation platforms, and are inspected to exact standards to ensure 100 per cent quality at all times. Based in Hinckley, Mowtec is fully ISO 9001:2008 accredited and is a key supplier to some of the largest OEMs in aerospace, including Eaton, GE Aviation, Honeywell and Meggitt.

Alex Hooley

Alex Hooley

Business Development Manager

Alex graduated with a BA (Hons) in Management Studies from The University of Nottingham in 2010. He started his career working within the Component Repair division of a leading UK component supplier. Shortly afterwards Alex moved into the role of Sales & Marketing manager with responsibility for sales in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as all PR and marketing. Working with OEM’s, airlines and MRO facilities throughout Europe and Asia, Alex developed an extensive network of contacts in the industry. Having joined in 2015, Alex is responsible for all sales and marketing activities, with a remit to drive organic growth and attract new customers across our aerospace market. Send email
Kevin Pay

Kevin Pay

Operations Manager

Kevin first joined Mowtec in 2004 as a Moulding Operative, after an extensive background in Production and Logistics in similar fields. Having worked closely with the Operations Manager at the time Kevin quickly became familiar with many of Mowtec’s more specialized processes, and quickly took on more responsibility becoming a key member of the production team. Kevin was made Production Supervisor in 2014, before progressing to Operations Manager shortly afterwards, with responsibility for the Production and Finishing/Inspection departments. Kevin’s manages all aspects of production, from raw materials to component preparation and final inspection. Send email
Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Quality Manager

Following an extensive careers in Quality Management at various manufacturing businesses across the UK, Michael joined Mowtec’s parent company, Clinical Polymer Holdings in 2005. Michael is responsive for the implementation of the Quality Management System at both Mowtec and CPT, as well as ensuring we maintain our exceptional ISO 9001 standard. Send email


Mowtec use a variety of rubber compounds to manufacture its O-Rings, Gaskets and Sealing Solutions.

Silcione compounds are generally superior as static seals in extreme temperature environments, handling operating temperatures from -65°C to 205°C. Some properties such as tear strength and thermal conductivity can, at extreme temperatures, be far superior to organic rubbers. Fluorosilicone or FVMQ is a silicone polymer chain with fluorinated side-chains for improved oil and fuel resistance, and is hence used extensively through the aerospace industry. It combines these properties with the high and low temperature stability of general silicones. Due to relatively low tear strength, high friction and limited abrasion resistance this material is, however, not generally used for dynamic applications, and is not recommended for exposure to brake fluids or ketones.
Neoprene (-40°C – 250°C) features good resistance to petroleum oils, ozone, and sunlight and oxygen degradation. More resilient that many natural or synthetic rubbers, this relative strength renders it ideally suited to many demanding applications and environments.
Nitrile, also known as Buna-N or NBR, is a widely used elastomer due to its excellent resistance to petroleum products and expansive operating temperature range (-40°C – 108°C). Often used as the rubber of choice in the automotive and aerospace industries’ fuel handling systems. Nitrile is more resistant to oils and acids than naturals rubbers, though can be degraded through contact with ozones, ketones, esters and aldehydes.
Viton is a fluorocarbon elastomer commonly used in O-Rings and other moulded goods. Viton is well resistant to chemicals, oils and extremes in temperature, and maintains these characteristics well as it ages. Applications include aircraft engines, automotive fuel systems, SCUBA gear and chemical processing industries and high vacuum environments. Viton is generally compatible with hydrocarbons, but is not recommended to exposure to ketones, alkalis, organic acids or with the aviation hydraulic Skydrol fluids.  
With high tensile strength and tremendous abrasion resistance, the physical properties of Polyurethane are among the best of all O-Ring elastomers. Often used for sealing high hydraulic pressure applications, or where parts are subject to a high amount of wear, Polyurethane exhibits excellent resistance to oil and petroleum products, as well as many solvents and alcohols. However, it is not recommended for exposure to concentrated acids, ketones, brake fluids, or very strong oxidizing agents.
Ethylene-Propylene or EPDM exhibits tremendous resistance to heat, water, steam, ozone, sunlight and other weather. It also has excellent electrical insulating properties and good resistance to ketones, diluted acids and alkalines. EPDM however exhibits unsatisfactory compatibility with most oils, gasoline, kerosene, halogenated solvents and concentrated acids. EPDM is often used in seals and O-Rings which will be exposed to weather and temperature extremes.
Polytetrafluoroehylene or PTFE is often used around in electrical components in the aerospace industry, thanks to its excellent dielectric properties. Low friction combined with its high operating temperature makes PTFE a high-performance substitute for weaker lower-melting point polyethylene, and a material of choice in dynamic applications.

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2008 accredited for the manufacture of elastomeric components


All our products are 100 per cent hand finished by our expert Finishing Team. Any flash or loose material is removed and the end product thoroughly cleaned before being individually packaged in aerospace grade UV-protection envelopes, ready for delivery to you.


Our rings are inspected under various levels of magnification to ensure that all end products are free from defects, foreign matter and other contaminants. A batch sample is also dimension checked to the original drawing specification to ensure tolerances are met and with shadowgraphs, digital protractors and IRHD hardness devices in-house you can rest assured that all our products are ready and fit for purpose.

Quality Management

Mowtec are fully BSI ISO 9001:2008 accredited, and as such maintain a high level of traceability and process standardization across our production and inspection procedures. The scope of our registration covers the manufacture of elastomeric components and assemblies for medical and industries applications. Our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation underpins our commitment to offering high quality sealing solutions throughout every level of the company. Our Quality Team are constantly working both internally and externally with our customers to help improve and advise, all of which helps to create an excellent supplier-customer relationship that we would love for you to be a part of. ISO 9001-2008 Certificate

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If you would like to find out more about Mowtec’s capabilities, discuss your company’s requirements or request technical support please feel free to get in touch. Address: Unit 27-29, Sketchley Meadows Industrial Estate, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3ES, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1455 251324 Email: info@mowtec.co.uk

Address: Unit 27-29, Sketchley Meadows Industrial Estate, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3ES, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1455 251324 Email: office@mowtec.co.uk

VAT No: 883 5802 92 Company No: 05797607 ISO Registration: FM 35048

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