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Complex Sealing Solutions - Articulate Assemblies

“Mowtec have the engineering skills to devise the correct type of sealing solution for your application”

Mowtec Precision Seal Assemblies 

When the interface between two surfaces is more articulate, non standard configurations of sealing are required that can be comprised of one more elsatomer based components.

“In seal based engineering there are no permanent problems, only solutions waiting to be created, Mowtec can help you find the solution.”

High Performance

complex sealing solutions

Mowtec’s business is modeled on the production of high quality, high performance seal products that fulfill the needs of some of the toughest sealing applications. This is why our customers keep coming back time after time.

Range of Materials

complex sealing solutions material

The facilities at Mowtec are equipped with the engineering skills and experienced production staff capable of manufacturing complex seals. Seals can be produced from a wide range of popular materials as well as bespoke composites to suit customer requirements.

Key Aerospace Supplier

aerospace complex sealing solutions

The aerospace industry requires seals to be used in some of the most dynamic, demanding and extreme environments. Mowtec have produced parts spanning legacy platforms all the way to new generation and conceptual airliners.

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