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Quality Control

“Small and intricate seal components performing vital functions are meticulously checked for integrity and conformity.”

Mowtec Quality Control

Complex mechanical systems are very much dependent on the sum reliability of their individual components. At Mowtec we have stringent standards for control, quality and precision.

visual inspection of mowtec seals
seal quality and thickness testing
Keep system critical functions operating with confidence, Mowtec appreciate the importance of success and reliability

Stringent Mowtec Manufacturing Procedures Providing Peace of Mind

100% Hand Finished

hand finished seals

Our well trained, experienced hand finishing team ensure the removal of any flash or loose material.

Batch Sampling

batch testing of aerospace seals

A batch sample is also dimension checked to the original drawing specification to ensure tolerances are met, in addition to shadowgraphs, digital protractors and in-house IRHD hardness devices.

Washed & Packaged

individually packaged seals

After the finishing process, integrity inspection and dimensional examination, products are cleaned and individually packaged in aerospace grade UV-protection envelopes.

Fit For Purpose

seals fit for purpose

Mowtec manufacturing and quality management practices are definitively stringent; you can rest assured that all our products are ready and fit for purpose.


Mowtec Limited ensures the strictest quality and document controls across all manufacturing, testing and engineering aspects of the business.

Accredited to AS 9100D ( EN 9100: 2016, JISQ 9100 – 2016), Mowtec strives for total quality performance and customer satisfaction through a continuously improving customer centred approach.

View our AS 9100 certificate here

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