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UK aerospace seal manufacturers

All About Mowtec

“Providing gasket seal solutions for aerospace OEMs and commercial operators. Mowtec have developed a respected reputation over several decades.”

Three Decades of Experience

From the humble beginnings back in 1987 when Mowtec worked alongside Eaton Aerospace, the company has progressively grown and flourished into a key strategic supplier for many large OEM’s in the aerospace industry. 30 years of successful manufacturing has enabled the development of the skills and facilities to create seals for other static and dynamic applications in addition to becoming  highly trusted UK aerospace seal manufacturers.

Aerospace Applications

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The most demanding applications come from this sector; client requirements are very acute. The engineering tolerances and dimensional specifics are system critical for seal and gasket components. The large OEMs we supply to trust our high quality products and the diligence we invest in producing them.

Maritime Industry

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Over or under water, our sealing solutions contribute toward vital systems enabling vessels to travel from port to port. With our expedite service, Mowtec will make sure you’re not left high and dry.

Medical Equipment

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Utilising state of the art LSR and Silicone injection moulding, our sister company Clinical Polymer Technologies (CPT) manufactures a range of niche components from simple mouldings through to bespoke assemblies made to precise individual customer specifications in dedicated clean rooms.

Printing System Seals

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Printing systems have become more complex with machines offering many more features than historical models. Whether it’s creasing, perforating, cutting or folding, our O-Rings can ensure a crisp finish…whatever the job. Get in touch today to discuss our capabilities, and how we can be a reliable asset to your project.

“Mowtec are proud to have been awarded AS9100D ​.”