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Mowtec Metal And Rubber Bondings

“When you need sealing solutions for intricate metallic interfaces, Mowtec have the experience and skills to manufacture the essential products”

Metal Bonding Solutions From Mowtec

When used for sealing purposes, they are suitable in high pressure applications. Often these seals are used to resist bursting forces and to limit the deformation of the insert

mowtec metal and rubber bondings
metal to rubber bonded seals
metal and rubber bonded high pressure seals

“Bonding of any of our usual materials in addition to customer specified compounds on request”

Network Suppliers

Network manufacturing suppliers

We have developed a network of trusted suppliers to expertly  prepare the metals for moulding. The relationships we have are built on successful and historic track records for part delivery and consignment quality.

Reclaim Materials

reclaim metals from damaged seal

Whenever a full seal has not been achieved, Mowtec have the skill and expertise to reclaim the metal component. This eliminates the wastage of precious piece parts and removes the need to reissue and reorder.

Turn Key Solution

turnkey solution for metal bonding seal design

With great support from the supplier network, Mowtec is able to provide a complete turn key solution for clients requiring a suitable design and build solution for their application.