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Mowtec Gaskets & O-Rings Providing Trusted Sealing Solutions

Decades or proven reliability, providing a comprehensive array of sealing products with a continually affirmed reputation for flexibility and rapid order completion times. Mowtec are the premier supplier of sealing solutions, including O-rings and gaskets to the aerospace industry.

What Can Mowtec Offer You ?

With a hard earned track record spanning serveral decades for reliability, service and precision, Mowtec can offer the best in gasket and o-ring technology.

O Ring Seals

O rings can be found in a very wide array of systems and products, throughout commercial, industrial and domestic applications. The diversity of their uses denotes a selection of different materials, each with different characteristics regarding pressure, temperature, exposure to liquids and gases, abrasion and UV resistance.

Gasket Seals

Whenever complex irregular surfaces require sealing to prevent liquid spillage or gas escape you will find gaskets in use. As with o rings, gaskets are often made from various materials defined by the application they are being used for. A high percentage of our gasket production is to fulfill needs of clients (key OEMs) in the aerospace industry.

Complex Seals

Certain systems require more complex seal arrays than regular o rings or gaskets. For example the landing gear of most modern aircraft requires a sequence of interlaced components to fulfil the requirements of the hydraulic system and the stresses it has to endure. The precision of these parts is measured in mere thousandths of a millimetre.

Metal Bondings

Even with the three types of seal already mentioned there are applications which require a physical bonding of a seal against a metallic surface, regularly known as metal bondings. The most common types of this seal are made from variants of rubber compounds.

Mowtec – A Company Snapshot


The many years of manufacturing experience alongside a deep and comprehensive understanting of elastomer materials has developed Mowtec into the name you can trust.

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The Mowtec Story

Mowtec Elastomeric Components Limited is a leading manufacturer of O-Rings, Gaskets and custom sealing solutions. With a particular focus on the aerospace industry, we provide operationally critical sealing applications to operators and OEMs worldwide. Our products are installed across Legacy and New Generation platforms, and are inspected to exact standards to ensure 100 per cent quality at all times. Based in Hinckley, is a key supplier to some of the largest OEMs in aerospace, including Eaton, GE Aviation, Honeywell and Meggitt.

Rapid Order Completion

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Short lead times, and fast production runs to keep pace with client demands has enabled us to become recognised as a premier supplier for o-rings and gaskets.

Quality Assurance

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Entirely 100 per cent by-hand inspection across all products to ensure they are ready to fulfill their performance requirements.

Flexible Supply Chain

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Flexibility and responsiveness are important features we have honed to accommodate the demands of the aerospace supply chain. We can offer partial shipments on large orders to keep your production moving along.