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Mowtec Gasket Seal Solutions

“Providing gasket seal solutions for aerospace OEMs and commercial operators. Mowtec have developed a respected reputation over several decades.”

The Advantages of Mowtec Gasket Seal Solutions

Fast production and order completion times along with an impressive track record for producing high quality, service reliable products. We have the facilities to create gaskets to almost any dimensional specification and material composite.

“For leakage prevention on less than perfect hardware mating surfaces use gasket seal solutions”


Resist environmental extremes such as temperature variations and pressure differentials.

Structural Integrity

Very low risk to surrounding structure during assembly and throughout lifespan.

Tried & Tested

tried and tested gasket seal solutions
Tried and tested sealing mechanisms widely used throughout industry

Prevent Leakages

prevent leakages with gasket seals
Gaskets are able to prevent leakages on less than perfect mating surfaces

Surface Irregularities

uneven surface gasket seal solutions icon
Can fill irregularities on two joining surfaces, allowing for greater variant tolerances in component design

Corrective Action

Locating failure is quick and easy, facilitating corrective action to prevent any performance degradation or system damage


lightweight gasket seal solutions icon
Mowtec gasket seals are minimal components adding almost superfluous weight value to any project

Cost Effective

Value for money, cost effective gasket seal components that will contribute towards lower production costs.

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