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Mowtec Materials

“Respect for purity and consistency to ensure finished products excel within engineering requirements.”

The Advantages of Mowtec Materials

We only use the most trusted, reliable and approved suppliers from the industrial chemistry sector to provide us with the raw composite materials we use to produce our high quality components

“High quality products from high quality, diligently maintained manufacturing systems and material handling.”


The correct storage, handling and treatment of raw materials through to the completed manufacture stage is incredibly important. It’s essential for systems to be inspected and maintained frequently.  Contact surface equipment is carefully cleaned to completely remove contaminents that would otherwise affect the integrity of the product.

List of materials and their properties

Mowtec create bespoke seal products with both standard and non standard raw material composites. A considerable percentage of our output utilises the following synthetic compounds.

Silicone Compounds

  • Superior static seals
  • Extreme temperature environments
  • Increased tear strength
  • Formidable thermal conductivity
  • Preferable to traditional organic rubbers

Fluorosilicone Seals

  • Fluorinated side chains
  • Improved oil and fuel resistance
  • High and low temperature tolerances
  • Lower tear strength, limited abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for static applications
  • Not suitable for brake systems

Neoprene Compounds

  • Temperature range (-40°C – 250°C)
  • Resistant to petro-oils
  • Resists oxidation and ozone degradation
  • Suitable for tough environments and applications
  • Resistant to UV/sunlight

Nitrile (NBR)

  • Widely used elastomer in aerospace
  • Highly resistant to petroleum products
  • Temperature range (-40°C – 108°C)
  • Popular choice for fuel handling systems
  • Highly resistant to oils and acids
  • Not suitable for esters, aldehydes and ketones

Viton Flurocarbon

  • Popular use in O-Rings and moulded products
  • Very resistant to chemicals
  • Effective against oils
  • Notable longevity in dynamic applications
  • Avoid ketones, alkalis and organic acids
  • Not suitable to be in contact with Skydrol fluid

Polyurethane Elastomers

  • High tensile strength
  • Tough against abrasion
  • Suitable for hydraulic pressure applications
  • Very resistant to oil and petroleum products
  • Effective against solvents and alcohols
  • Avoid ketones, strong acids and brake fluids

Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM)

  • Can endure very high temperatures
  • Resistant to steam, water and sunlight
  • Superb electrical insulating properties
  • Safe to use with ketones, dilute acids and alkalines
  • Not suitable for oils, gasoline, kerosene, strong acids
  • The O-Ring of choice for extreme weather applications

Polytetrafluoroehylene (PTFE)

  • Preferred use in electrical aerospace applications
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Low friction composite
  • High operating temperatures
  • Substitute for low-melting polyethylene
  • Very useful in dynamic applications

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